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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Abs are made in the kitchen.” The importance of eating right is all over the place. If you are lifting weights, it’s even more important to make sure you are fueling your body properly. You’re working hard and you don’t want to ruin your hard work with food.

And as a women, our needs are different than our guy friends. But with all this mixed information out there, what are you supposed to do? Hopefully this women’s weight lifting diet guide will help you find what works best for you!

Try To Avoid Fad Diets

There are so many of these fad diets it there, it’s mind-blowing. Remember when the Subway Diet was the go to diet? And these fads seem to be marketed mostly to women.

Avoid Fad Diets

69% of fad diets fail. That’s a lot. On top of that they usually promote rapid weight loss, quick results, and not having to workout. The thing is, those sound like amazing promises and usually there is initial success. But many people don’t stop to think about why.

What many fad diets do is remove important food groups under the claim that it is bad for you. Removing that group Rob’s your body of nutrients and fuel. To make matters worse, you end up feeling hungry all the time since you are missing a key component to function. Then you binge, get upset with yourself, and fall off the wagon. No wonder women struggle with loosing weight!

Of course there are people I know who have seen results with fad diets but most end up giving up and saying nothing works for them.

Do Eat the Rainbow

Eat The RainbowI’m not talking about that yummy candy. What I’m talking about is making sure you eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, carbs, and fats (in moderation). The different colors usually mean that you are getting different, yet important, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

This tends to be tricky for people who are picky eaters. What make people don’t realize is that healthy doesn’t mean bland or boring. Yes, you can season your food. Yes, there is more to life than eating salads all day ladies. You can change it up and still lose weight and assist with muscle recovery.

Stop Eating Out So Much

This is one where I have to practice what I preach because I definitely eat out more than I should. And every time I do, I feel bloated and lathargic the next day.

Usually, when you eat out, you have no idea how the food is made. So you may be ordering something healthy, like salmon, but it could be cooked with a block of salt and an entire stick of butter. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but the point remains that you just don’t know for sure.

  1. Stop Eating Out So Much

Also, have you noticed how much food you get when you order out. Not just on your plate, but overall. Between appetizers, entrees, desserts, and maybe drinks, you’ve had more than a days worth of calories depending where you eat. And you have a doggie bag for later! You don’t need all that food, really.

But, sometimes we just have to go out and I get it life happens. That’s why I’m saying don’t do it as often. And when you do go out just use some of my tips to keep things under control and still have fun.

  • Drink an entire glass of water before your meal comes. That will make you feel more full and help you eat less.
  • When you order your food, ask for the to go box to come out with it. Then put half your food in it and place it on the seat next to you. If you can’t see it, chances are you won’t eat it, and you won’t feel bad about getting dessert!
  • Beware of cocktails. They are full of hidden sugars and the alcohol can slow your metabolism momentarily. But I get it, sometimes you just need that Tequila Sunrise, so don’t beat yourself up over it if you get one.

Do Mind Your Portions

This was, and continues to be, my biggest struggle. I have always eaten rather healthy. But to much of a good thing can still be bad for you. I learned that first hand when my weight skyrocketed.

And this usually happens when we eat at home. We think we are being healthy and saving money by eating at home but we ruin it by filling up the plate with as much food as our spouse.

One great solution for this is to use smaller plates. That way youMeal Prep For Weight Lifting Success still get the satisfaction of loading up your plate but actually eating less. Another solution is to invest in a food scale. That way you can weigh out perfect portions every time.

You may also want to consider food prepping. I meal prep one day at a time and it’s usually 4 out of my 6 meals. But that’s because my poor fridge can’t handle a whole week’s worth of food prep. But your fridge may be able to. Only you know! But I would suggest you pack your food for the day. That way you can’t over eat, order something not good for you, and just about all those other possible temptations.

My Personal Diet

I wanted to end this by telling you all about what I’ve been doing in terms of my diet. Because I’ve been lifting heavy 6 days a week for many weeks now I’ve learned what works for me. And as I mentioned before, you can use some principals of fad diets, if it works for you. I tend to eat a low carb, high protein based diet with lots of water.

i eat anywhere from 5 to 6 small meals a day. I include a protein and veggies in every meal. 1 meal would include a serving of healthy fats (yay avocados and hummis). 2 to 3 will include fruit, usually berries or apples. And 1 to 2 meals well include a serving of carbs. I also drink about 1 gallon of water a day.

I also leave room for the food essentials like burgers, wings, and wine because I love all those things. But they are no longer weekly staples in my diet.

I’m not suggesting that my plan is the perfect plan to follow when lifting weights. What I’m suggesting is that these basics, can be all you need to take your weight lifting to the next level or to lose those last 5 pounds. You don’t need to follow a crazy step by step diet plan. Or starve yourself. Or eat boring things. You just need to listen to your body.

But if you want to try my nutrition plan there is a 20% off sale going on right now for the month of May. The basic plan comes with all sorts of goodies like portion containers, a cookbook, logbook, and it looks like they are throwing in access to some of the workouts. If you think this works for you, check it out!


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