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the BEST Weight Lifting Exercises for WomenSo you decided to start weight lifting but have no idea where to start. Or maybe you are already lifting but not sure if you’re doing the right exercises. Well, I’m here to give you some guidance on the best weight lifting exercises for women to help give you the body of your dreams.

I’ll talk about the five fundamental exercises plus a few of my favorites that target the glutes.


I love deadlifts probably more that squats. And that’s cause they really make me feel strong and because I feel like I get a near total body workout with them. The two main muscle groups it targets are the hamstrings and lower back. Hamstrings are often ignored and that’s a shame because that’s what’s going to give you that round booty that pops. Lower back strength is needed all day every day. How many times has that part of your body hurt? Yeah, you can do something about it with deadlifts.

On top of that their are tons of variations to deadlifts that can target other spots like the dreaded inner thighs. Also, this is probably one of the most common body movements we do on a day to day basis. We constantly pick things up from the ground. Having a strong deadlift is gonna help you pick up everything and not have to worry about your back!


Everyone is told that if they want a better butt, to squat all day, every day, forever. Well, I truly love squatting but not for my butt. It is true that it does target the lower body but it mainly targets your quadriceps. Of course, you can modify or change it so if focuses on other muscle groups but regardless, you don’t want to skip this exercise.

Squat Weight Lifting for Women

Squats are an amazing way to get your heart pumping and getting you burning more calories both during the workout and after. This is because our lower body has some of the largest muscle groups. You get those pumping and you’ll be well on your way.

But if you want that perfect butt, here are some of my suggestions:

Weighted Lunges: Now lunges are my least favorite but I still grumble my way through them. Why, because they are vital to perfect glutes among other things like balance. Since I have been including them in workouts instead of hiding from them, my balance and core strength has improved. Also since your weight is more focused on one leg, that means you actually use more of your glutes as opposed to your quads. So don’t skip them!

Weighted Glute Bridges: Glute Bridges are my third favorite exercises. Because their are so many variations that can challenge me (and you). But also because I definitely feel these in my glutes which is the point, right?

Resistance Band Side Leg Raises: This targets your side butt and is often ignored. Dreaming on an hourglass figure? These will get you their. You can do standing or lying down. And they seem so easy at first until they aren’t!

Bench Press

Push those men aside and claim one of those bench presses for yourself! There are so many variations of bench presses but they all focus of your chest muscles, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. Bench presses are essential to looking great in backless dresses, low cut front dress, tank tops and strapless everything.

Plus how much do we use our upper body to support ourselves. Bench press will make sure your upper body is up to speed with all your lower body work so don’t be afraid of it!

Pull Ups and Dips

Now, pull ups and dips are mostly a body weight exercise but that does not make it any less challenging. And maybe eventually in your journey, you can do these with added weight. I know I’m not their yet with my pull ups and that’s okay. In fact, I can’t do one without the assistance machine but I still do it. With my dips, I’ve started doing them with weights (gotta get rid of those bat wings!)Pull Ups Weight Lifting Exercises for Women

Now, why do I still do it if I’m not really good at them? Well, it’s become a personal mission to be able to do a pull up unassisted and to have perfect arms. But aside from that, they are also important to developing that sexy upper body that looks good in anything. Having a strong upper body helps with keeping up with the kids, laundry, food shopping and even balance.

Don’t skip upper day. You need it!

The Magic Five

These five exercises are the magic five. Any combination of these five or their variations will provide you with a near complete total body workout. The more you workout together the more calories you burn now and later which equals results! Not just physical ones but what I think is even more important: the non-scale victories!

Applying these basics to your weight lifting routine will set up a perfect foundation to build upon and take you body to the next level!


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