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One of the advantages of working out is getting that body you always wanted. However, there is another unpleasant one: muscle soreness. Especially if this is your first time lifting, you are probably so sore that you can barely walk and lift things. For many people, the soreness is something that we just can’t get over and they quit before they even get started.

So a common question is, “How can I relieve sore muscles fast?” Well, there is no way to make it go away right away. But here are some of my favorite remedies to help you feel good so you can keep going!

Stretch Away

Cobra Pose for Stretching

How many of you stretch before and after your workout? Most people just head straight for the weights, lift, and then rush home. Don’t be one of those people!

Stretching is so important. Doing it before a workout will warm your muscles up and allow you to better activate your muscles resulting in a better workout. It also reduces your change of injury since your body is ready to lift. Chances are if people stretch, they do it before the workout.

But even more so, you should be stretching after your workout. It will help bring your heart rate down in a normal and healthy way. And if you think about the act of lifting, you are contracting your muscles, tearing them up, and putting them under a tremendous amount of stress.

Wouldn’t want to give your muscles a little treat for working so hard? And I can tell you from experience, nothing feels better than stretching after your workout.

You don’t need to spend forever stretching, though some people dedicate one of their rest days to just stretching. Doing some simple movements will do the job. Touching your toes, side to side lunges, body weight lunges, runners lunge, cat/cow, downward dogs, and cobra pose are all great stretches to do both before and after working out.

Another good stretch can be done with a foam roller. I usually Foam Rolling to Relieve Sorenessreserve foam rollers for either tough workouts or if I wake up and feel as stiff as a board. But don’t let the name fool you. While you’re stretching with that foam roller, it will hurt bad. But push through it. Once you finish, you’ll feel like a new person and the next day you’ll be able to do anything!

This last type of stretch, you can’t do yourself and it costs a bit of money. Get a massage. Massages for me are reserved for two occasions: 1. I want to spoil myself. 2. I’ve hurt myself in some way (which happens no matter what precautions you take). There are people who make this a twice a month plus thing. If you can do that, great! Again, listen to your body and see if this is really what you need.

Try some of these out and see if it makes a difference.

Try a Post Workout Protein Shake

Post Workout ShakeThere are countless protein shakes out there each of them claiming to do some crazy things. But I’ve tried my fair share of them. I have a particular brand called Recover that I use with a serving of fruit and veggies and I feel amazing.

However, what I like may not be what you like or what’s best for your body. I would recommend talking with your local fitness shop to see what they recommend. Often those people who work there are fitness nuts who can point you in the right direction.

The right post workout shakes will provide you with the right nutrients to fuel your recovery and help ease that post workout soreness. Make sure you do your research and ask plenty of questions!

Eat the Right Stuff

Eat the Right Stuff

Some people can’t stomach shakes. And sometimes you just want to switch it up. If you eat without 30 minutes of your workout you can help your soreness out. But you have to eat the right things.

A good post workout meal would include a serving of protein, veggies, and fruit. And you can drink some chocolate milk (or almond milk). My go to is scrambled eggs (2 eggs) with sauteed spinach, and apple and 8 ounces of chocolate milk. Every now and again I’ll sneak in some peanut butter. It’s healthy and tasty so I don’t feel bad about it!

You can play with different proteins, veggies, and fruits so you don’t get bored.

Workout The Next Day

There are. The last thing you want to hear after working out is to workout again. But if you think about it, this has the same logic as stretching. You are moving the muscles and getting the blood flowing to muscles that you stressed out the day before.

The first few reps of your workout will hurt but it will be worth it. That’s why the first set of every workout is usually considered a warm up. Its usually recommended that you go a little lighter for the first set to get you all warmed up and then the next set you push yourself with the weight.

Or you can start by doing some light cardio to get the heart pumping. Treadmill, elliptical, bikes, or whatever strikes your fancy, just get the blood flowing and you’ll see how quickly that soreness goes away.

Relieve Soreness By Working Out

It Will Pass

Even if you do some or all of these things there still is a chance that you’ll be sore. And that’s okay too. Soreness means your body is growing into a better self. Over time the soreness will go away or not be nearly as bad as day one.

Just remember to listen to your body. Are you sore or actually hurt is an important question to ask yourself. But as long as you take care of yourself before, during, and after your workout you can relieve that muscles soreness.

If you try any of these, if love to know if they have made a difference in your soreness level. Or maybe they’ve benefited you in other ways like flexibility, reduced stress levels, or less blasting.


Chuck Groot

Great article – Thank You! I always get sore but never know what to do and you gave me the solution.

May 02.2019 | 04:40 pm


    I get so sore so I’m glad I was able to help you.

    May 02.2019 | 04:44 pm

Bobby Allen

Hi Lizette! ….. I know what it’s like starting a blog as i am still struggling with mine. You have all these thoughts and words in your head that you want to use and so you kick it off with those in mind. I found your opening statement a little confusing so I’ll explain. you said “One of the side effects of working out is getting that body you always wanted. However, there is another unpleasant one. Muscle soreness.” I think you meant “One of the ADVANTAGES of working out is getting that body you always wanted. However, there is an UNPLEASANT SIDE EFFECT, Muscle soreness.” and further down “Another get stretch can be done with a foam roller.” I think you meant GOOD! ….. Hope you don’t mind my critique, i found your site very interesting and menu topics and lay out superb.

May 03.2019 | 12:56 am


    Thank you Bobby! I appreciate all feedback. Sometimes we miss things no matter how many times we review them. And sometimes, words just don’t want to work! I’ll update my post right away.

    May 05.2019 | 05:31 pm

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