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PB Fit Review

Everyone wonders what things they can eat when they are lifting, or working out in general. A lot of times there are conflicting ideas. One that I come across is something that I’ve grown

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THE Best Home Workout Equipment for Strength Training

When someone says they are going to go workout, do you think they go to a gym? Chances are you do, and chances are they are going to one. If someone told you they

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Women’s Weight Lifting Diet – The Basics

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Abs are made in the kitchen.” The importance of eating right is all over the place. If you are lifting weights, it’s even more important to make sure

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How To Relieve Sore Muscles FAST

One of the advantages of working out is getting that body you always wanted. However, there is another unpleasant one: muscle soreness. Especially if this is your first time lifting, you are probably so

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Free Weight Exercises for Women, The Ultimate Guide

Free weights, or dumbbells, are amazing. You should be using them whenever you get the chance. The ability to isolate your arm or leg will lead to some great results. We always talk about

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